Deacon Thomas Winninger, CSMA

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Deacon Thomas Winninger Catholic Speaker
Deacon Thomas Winninger Catholic Speaker
Deacon Thomas Winninger Catholic Speaker
Deacon Thomas Winninger Catholic Speaker
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Travels from Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is Your Call? How do you discover what God wants you to do with your life? Are you stalled in your journey of life and work? Not sure how to discover your gift, purpose, and call? 

Deacon Thomas (Thom) Winninger CSMA shares the theological, practical path for discovering the answers to your life and work. Thom has shared his insights with over 3000 audiences, produced a Catechesis TV series, written seven books, and hundreds of articles and a daily reflection Jesus Speaking about discovering what God is calling you to do with your life. He is an international speaker, author, theologist, Ordained Catholic Deacon, and an inductee into the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame.

As part of his journey, Thom discovered you cannot find your purpose and call if you have not identified the gift God gave you to apply to the opportunities he sends into your life each day. God’s gift leads to purpose, purpose leads to call and call leads to vocation. Vocation leads to fulfilled and joyful life.

Twelve years ago after all his achievements, Thom Winninger, like David, found himself in a cave. What he had accomplished seemed to no longer have meaning; the things he had acquired suddenly had no value! What he had worked so hard for was losing significance. In the depth of reflection, he rediscovered Ignatius and in doing so he discovered that none of us can know our purpose without knowing our GIFT.

Thom will share with your group how to recognize Divine Intent and Divine Intervention in one’s life. Based on a pattern of discovering your God Given Gift then applying that Gift to the opportunities that God sends your way brings you to your purpose and call. This is not about your career but God’s gift you bring to your career, to your life.

Thom has the uncanny ability to help others discover their gift and talents, purpose and call. He states, “all of us are created with a gift that the Lord calls us to share and in sharing, we discover our life purpose. From the application of purpose, we find meaning, fulfillment, and joy.”

Besides his five published business books, his faith journey book “Get Out of the Boat” was published by Liguori Press in 2010 and his story was featured in “Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul”. 

Thom resides in the Twin Cities, with his wife Lynne; they have four adult children. He serves as the Permanent Archdiocesan Deacon assigned at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Downtown Minneapolis. 

Deacon Winninger has produced a weekly Catholic TV show on Channel 6, Minneapolis Metro Cable “Heaven, What I need to know to get there”.

You can pick one of these presentation topics or Thom will develop a presentation to support the theme of your gathering. (Formats: Keynote, Breakout, Retreat, Mission, etc)

  • Get Out of the Boat! Discover the Meaning of Your Life 
  • Your True Call (DNA…Divine Natural Attribute) 
  • The Accompaniment Factor (Jesus Speaking)
  • Seven Encounters with Christ
  • Discovering God’s Gift Within You
  • Stop yhe world I am trying to get off!


"Thom’s unique perspective rooted in fundamental truths of faith that give clarity to purpose, and approaches to life’s challenges, with real-world experience. I trust Thom’s wisdom and guidance on matters of work and life. - Doug Devitre, International, Inc.

"Thom gets right to the core of any crucial life or work issue. He brought to me a tremendous amount of experience and value." - Eric Papp, Consultant/Author Leadership By Choice!

"Using everyday scenarios, Scripture, prayer suggestions, piercing personal questions, and reflections on everyday reality, Winninger invites each of us to join him on a journey to discover our life purpose." - Dianna Booher, Author of The Voice of Authority

"With profound purpose and passion, Thom strikes with intentionality and experiences the probing of our hearts. We are challenged to go deeper in the well of our giftedness in this treatise written from the depths of personal experience and the empowering of the Holy Spirit." - Naomi Rhode, Christian leader and cofounder of SmartHealth

Over the past 5 years some of the parishes and groups that have sponsored Winninger’s presentations include: San Antonio Archdiocese, St. Henry’s Church, Our Lady of Grace, St. Joseph’s Baltimore, St. Barts, Divine Mercy Catholic Church, Holy Spirit Church, Diocese of Cincinnati, Basilica Young Adults, St. Olaf church, Theology On Tape SW, Diocese of St. Cloud, Saint Joachim and Anne, St. Victoria, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Franciscan Renewal Center Scottsdale, University of St. Thomas Catholic Studies, Men on a Mission, Kings House Retreat Center, and more.

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