Daniel Ali

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Travels from Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Daniel Ali is a high profile convert from Islam to Catholicism, who grew up an Iraqi Kurdish freedom-fighter under Saddam Hussein. He has produced media together with EWTN's Father Pacwa and Marcus Grodi, written books, articles, and been featured at Catholic Conferences around the country. His radio interviews have been highly prized and well received.  He is known for his passion for evangelism, his straightforward answers to the most probing of questions, and his entertaining sense of humor.

Having also recently lived in Israel for several years, he offers a unique perspective on both Eastern and Western mindsets. His diverse experiences and background target key areas of interest for small or large audiences, government or private, business or Church seminars. 

Daniel speaks authoritatively on the realities of Islam, the Muslims' strategies for converting us to Islam, and what we can do to be heard and received by them successfully. He has developed unique, ground-breaking strategies to reach out to Muslims using simple questions based on their holy books. He equips his audiences how best to approach the Muslim in the workplace, next door, and across the globe. His videos and writings offer study on how we may engage a religion and a culture completely foreign to our Catholic faith.

Daniel Ali's full day seminars and brief talks may cover the following topics or more:

  • Current Events in the Middle East (Including Those Not Reported in Western Media)
  • Has the Arab Spring been the Christian Winter?
  • Recruitment Methodologies of ISIS in the West: Why They Succeed
  • Black Muslims and the Islamic Prison Movement
  • What Responsibilities Do We Have Towards Muslim immigrants?
  • The Challenge of Islam and Jihad to the Christian Faith
  • Rome. Mecca. What’s the Difference?
  • Male-Dominated Sharia Law and Its Legal Implications
  • Islamic Perspective on Gender and Non-Muslims in Democratic Societies
  • Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?
  • Do Christians Need to Read the Koran to Win Muslims to Christ?
  • How One May Evangelize without Offending
  • Do Muslims Worship The Same God Jewish and Christian Believers Do?
  • How Muslims View the West / A Radical World View
  • The Distinct and Predictable Pattern by which Islam is Spread in Free Societies

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