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Amanda Teixeira Catholic Speaker

Travels from Omaha, Nebraska

Amanda Teixeira is a nationally sought after speaker and writer on the topics of marriage, femininity, finances, infertility, adoption, relationships, leadership, intentional living, discipleship, and the new evangelization. Her down-to-earth demeanor, no-nonsense style, and genuine honesty allow her to make a quick yet lasting impression on a crowd.

After four years as a campus missionary for FOCUS – The Fellowship of Catholic University Students – she served as the Founding Director of FOCUS Greek, the apostolate’s outreach to sorority and fraternity students. These opportunities, combined with her time studying Nursing at The University of Nebraska has given her over a decade of ministry and leadership experience.

Amanda’s articles have been featured on the FOCUS blog, Shalom Tidings Magazine, Catholic News Agency, and the Dave Ramsey blog. She has also appeared on numerous radio programs as well as several podcasts. She blogs alongside her husband at True, Good, and Beautiful reaching tens of thousands of people each month.

When she isn't speaking or writing, Amanda can be found exploring the outdoors with her daughter Josephine and their beloved Labrador Retriever, Wrigley.

Infertility, Adoption, Finances, Intentional Living, Health and Fitness, Leadership, Bible study, Chastity, Conversion Story, Family, Family Life, Marriage, Motherhood, Motivational, New Evangelization, Pornography, Pro-life, Relationships, Women's issues, Young Adult Topics

Small Group Facilitator, Emcee, Retreat and Event Planning

Leaving A Legacy: Amanda shares her personal experiences using her time as an Alpha Phi at the University of Nebraska to build the Kingdom of God. She’ll teach you how you can make the most of the opportunities before you in your sorority, fraternity, or place of influence and share Christ with your brothers and sisters.

Money God's Way: There are hundreds of verses in the Bible about money, but the typical Christian’s relationship with money looks no different from the rest of society’s. Using money well isn’t an option; it’s an essential responsibility for every Christian. In this presentation, we share what God has said about money, practical tools and tips, and inspiration to say “yes” to God’s call to responsible financial stewardship.

Carrying The Cross: A Journey with Infertility: In this talk Amanda draws from her own experience battling infertility in her marriage. She uses biblical narratives and personal stories to illustrate the unique aspects of carrying this particular cross in the modern world today.

The Mercy of God: In part one of a three part series, Amanda explains how the mercy of God is the main narrative God has been communicating since the Fall of Adam and Eve. She provides examples of God's Mercy in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in Modern Times.

Experiencing God's Mercy: In part two of a three part series, Amanda discusses why we all need to experience God's Mercy in our lives. She then shares 5 ways to open yourself to a deeper experience of Mercy.

Becoming a Channel of Mercy: In this final talk in a three part series, Amanda provides 3 habits to embrace if you desire to become an embodiment of mercy to yourself and those around you. This talk also includes group conversation about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

A Journey Home: This is Amanda's conversion story. She describes what it was like to grow up Catholic, only to leave the faith for the Protestant world. In a turn of events she didn't see coming, she encountered FOCUS - Fellowship of Catholic University Students and found her way back home in the Eucharist.

6 Lies Women Love To Believe: Women often will struggle to believe the truth about themselves when it's easier to believe lies. The Devil is the father of lies and he speaks so many to women each and everyday. It's time women crush the lies and choose to believe what's true. In this talk, Amanda discusses the most common lies she's seen in working with women and the corresponding truth from God to trust instead.

Amanda is an excellent speaker! She engages the audience in such a way as to build instant trust and credibility. She also is able to speak with grace and humor about difficult topics and keep the listeners engaged from start to finish!” - Mark Bartek, Great North Regional Director, FOCUS

Amanda is an amazing and captivating speaker.” - FOCUS Leadership Development Initiative Participant

Amanda does a great job engaging her audience to draw them into her personal experiences. Through these interactions, she has been able to speak on complex and sensitive topics with grace, humor, and compelling personal witness!” - Hilary Draftz, Director of Quality, Growth, and Innovation, FOCUS

"Amanda is an extremely engaging and captivating speaker. She brings a warm, authoritative, feminine genius to her leadership talks which are both inspiring and challenging, yet she does it in a style that is winningly low key and personable. Amanda has a track record of successfully applying these principles in progressively expanding leadership roles over nearly a decade, which lends credibility to what she shares and has provided her with a great store of helpful anecdotes that illustrate what’s proven successful and what hasn’t in a memorable and often humorous way." - John LaBarbara, author, speaker, adjunct professor of Scripture and Apologetics, and Founder of the Center for Advanced Leadership Consulting and Catechetics

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